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A Day In The Life( no not the Beatles song).



Alright people who read my blog, that’s right you Dr. Archibald and Jimmy over there in the corner. I am writing about a day in my life since I gained temporary custody of my niece and nephew. So ummmm… prepare to be thrilled by my enthralling mediocrity!

7:00 am: Wake up, take nephew to bus stop. Chainsmoke the whole way back, wonder why always so out of breath at this point.

7:15 am: Look at lolcats.

8:00 am: have coffee.

8:15 am: have another cup of coffee.

8:30 am: think about ways to make life more productive, write up schedule.

9:00 am: look at memes.

9:30 am: fall back to sleep.

9:35 am: get woken up by niece. Make her breakfast and put on movie.

9:45 am: look at lolcats

10:00 am: post semi-funny, mostly contrived Facebook status update.

10:15 am: share meme on Facebook.

10:30 am: put on pants/make another cup of coffee. Yes I do both at the same time. No I will not tell you how I do it… alright yes I will. The Force.

11:00 am: smoke cigarette.

11:15 am: pick up nephew from bus.

11:30 am: Help nephew move box or some other such thing on Video game.

11:35 am: look at memes.

11:45 am: help nephew beat level on video game.

11:55 am: help nephew beat boss on video game.

Noon: make lunch.

12:30 pm: look at lolcats

1:00 pm: have coffee

1:15 pm: jerry-rig some broken house hold item( today it was the headphone jack on my phone).

2:00 pm: excessively celebrate successful jerry-rigging,  by copious swearing and calling out of MacGyver.

2:03 pm: apologize to MacGyver.

2:10 pm: break up fight between niece and nephew.

2:15 pm: look at memes.

2:30 pm: break up fight between niece and nephew.

2:40 pm: have dance party with niece and nephew.

3:00 pm: make plan with mother to get life more organized.

3:15 pm: start organizing stuff, get distracted by random thing I found that I had forgotten about. ” hey mom look what I found!!!”

4:00 pm: ” Oh yeah… I was organizing my stuff….”

4:10 pm: ” whoa my old girl scout vest! Look mom it still kinda fits! Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?” *does awkward high-stepping dance*

4:15 pm: look at lolcats.

4:30 pm: roll around on floor with actual cat.

4:35 pm: help nephew with homework.

5:15 pm: make dinner.

5:30 pm: annoy niece and nephew with silly antics.. i.e. try to get them to do strange dance or consistently speak in yokel accent.

5:40 pm: attempt to write.

6:00 pm: look at memes.

6:15 pm: look at buzzfeed.

6:30 pm: post buzzfeed story to Facebook.

6:45 pm: “hey we’re missing The Simpsons.”

7:00pm: watch The Big Bang Theory in syndication, with family.

7:15 pm: shortly get distracted from TBBT by lolcats.

7:30 pm: start trying to put niece and nephew to bed, read genetics books to them.

8:00 pm: fall asleep in kids’ bedroom.

8:10 pm: get woken up by nephew.

8:30 pm: children successfully asleep!

8:35 pm: look at memes and eat…finally!

8:40 pm: Facebook stalk(hella)!

9:40 pm: think about good idea for next blog entry.

9:42 pm: look at lolcats.

10:00 pm: watch OPB/ Discovery Channel or read.

10:15 pm: imagine montage of self on weird hats.

10:30 pm: smoke cigarette, talk to cat if he’s around.

10:40 pm: look at lolcats.

10:50 pm: watch a bit more TV.

11:00 pm: fall asleep sitting up in recliner.

11:15 pm: get woken up by own drool trickling down neck( yep… you read that right).

11:30 pm: think about making an awesome meme.

11:35 pm: “forever alone!!!!”

12:00 pm: eat ice cream or cereal. Watch Everybody Loves Raymond.

12:30 watch Frasier because I’m sophisticated. “Will that dilettante ever find a woman of his caliber?”

“Nay goodsir, nay.”

12:50 pm: fall asleep in recliner.


and there you have it an average day in the life of Aubrie “Farnsworth” Cooper.

… I think I have adult ADD.